Friday, February 13, 2015

DEFT Coders v2.0

Team registration can be done as follows:
Eight teams from 4th year batch
Eight teams from 2nd Year batch
First years' teams
You can get registered as teams when the link is available.But based on first come-first served basis, the teams will be selected until it fulfills the relevant number of teams.

For the time being, rules and regulations are as follows:
  • A team should be made up of four members
  • It should be a mix team (with both girls and boys)
  • Teams cannot share their codes with other groups
  • Teams should stay competing, until the end of the competition
  • Plagiarism will be checked
Internet will be facilitated with wi-fi connection.But teams are recommended to have dongles if in case a problem occurs.
Teams should have laptops with extensions.

Important messages will be notified as available

Venue -: Gymnasium
Time   -: 8.00AM to 10.00 PM
Date   -: 15/02/2015

For registration click here...!

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